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Schools Schools love the Magic of NutritionThe Magic of Nutrition™

teachers love the magic of nutrition

“Wow!” That’s what comes to mind when I describe your performances at Wagner Middle School.”

~ Joanne Packer, RN MSN, School Nurse -- Wagner Middle School

“Our teachers have commented that your show was the best assembly Taggart School ever had!”

~ Nancy Henry

“You truly put on a phenomenal show that,
coupled with the nutrition message, leaves
a lasting imprint on impressionable young minds!”

~ Todd A'Harrah
Teacher at John Barclay Elementary School

"What a wonderful show!! We were so impressed with the way you captivated the students today. They were engaged, excited involved and very amused and entertained. Thank you so much from all of our staff, who also enjoyed The Magic Of Nutrition! Look forward to having you back next year. Thanks Again!

~ Robin Mack, RN, School Nurse--Stetson Middle School

"As a principal, I seek to book assemblies that will actively engage children and allow them to have fun and learn. I’ve seen several of your performances, and each one was successful in meeting this criteria. It’s been weeks since your Magic of Nutrition show, and the students in my school are still talking about your performance. They talk about the mesmerizing magic, but, more importantly, they continually spread your message on the importance of good nutrition. Also, I received very positive feedback from parents and teachers as they have seen a positive change in the snacks that children choose to eat. Thanks so much for coming to our school, and I’m looking forward to having you return for the Magic of Fitness."

~Joseph J. MacClay, Principal--Rolling Hills Elementary School

"Taddo combines his education as a registered dietitian with his experience as an accomplished magician to deliver an important yet entertaining message at a time when the emphasis on nutrition for children is at its peak.

His ability to captivate and maintain the children's attention was very impressive. We can't wait to have him in more school assemblies this year!"

~ The EAT. RIGHT. NOW Program Specialist, School District of Philadelphia



Here's just a few of the 100s:

• Howe Elementary
• Ethan Allen Middle School
• James Dobson Elem & Middle
• Cassidy Elem & Middle
• Crossan Elementary
• Shallcross @ Rush
• Ludlow Elem & Middle
• Ethel Allen Elementary
• Solis Cohen Elementary
• Disston Elem & Middle
• Cook- Wissahickon Elem & Middle
• Stephen Douglas Hign School
• Carroll Hign School
• Leeds Middle School
• Wagner Middle School
• Rhawnhurst Elementary
• Blankenburg- Rudolph Elem & Middle
• Pratt Elementary
• Locke Elementary
• William Dick Elem & Middle
• Jay Cooke Elem & Middle
• McClure Elementary
• Olney Hign School
• Hamilton Elem & Middle
• Harrity Elementary
• Lawton Elementary
• Gillespie Middle School
• Kensington Culinary Hign School
• Andrew Jackson Elem & Middle
• Spring Garden Elem & Middle
• Adaire Elementary
• Spruance Elem & Middle
• Steel Elementary
• Daniel Boone Hign School
• Mary Lamont
• Roxborough Hign School
• Lingelbach Elem & Middle
• Finletter Elem & Middle
• Baldi Middle School
• Morton Elementary
• Penn Assisted Elem & Middle
• Stearne Elementary
• Hunter Elem & Middle
• Fulton Elementary
• Martha Washington Elem & Middle
• Barratt Middle School
• Walter Smith Elem & Middle
• Luis Munoz-Marin
• Fell Newlin Elem & Middle
• John Kelly Elementary
• Forrest Elementary
• Southwark Elem & Middle
• Roberto Clemente Middle School
• Germantown Hign School
• Roberto Clemente Middle School
• Conwell Russell Middle School
• Joseph Catherine Elementary
• Comm Barry Elementary
• Taggart Elem & Middle
• Hill Elem & Middle
• Clymer Elementary
• Ziegler Elem & Middle
• Sheridan Elementary
• Richmond Elementary
• Comegys Elementary
• Mitchell Elementary
• West Philly Hign School
• People for People Charter EMS
• Donna Arriga
• Heston Elem & Middle
• Bache-Martin Elem & Middle
• Widener Memorial E-HS
• First Phila Charter
• Sulzberger Middle School
• AS Jenks Elementary
• Holme Elementary
• Bluford Elementary
• Grover Washington Middle
• Bridesburg Elementary
• Elverson Academy Hign School
• PA School for the Deaf
• Fairhill Elem & Middle
• Edwin Stanton Elem & Middle
• Middle Years Alt Middle School
• Willard Elementary
• Longstreth Elem & Middle
• John Webster Elementary
• Bregy Elem & Middle

And more...

Parents The Magic of Nutrition™

parent teaher association president"We also had a great family night with Taddo and the Magic of Nutrition.  We tied it in with “Healthy Choices” and had food like edamame (soybeans), brownies with mystery ingredients (spinach and carrots), and flattened fruit for the families to try.  Parents made sculptures out of fruits and veggies…all and all a great night. 

I can personally recommend Todd Kupper whole heartedly."

~ Amy Nickol, Tabb Elementary PTA, President


"Thank you so much for a wonderful performance. My son and his friends loved the show. The next day I had several calls from other Moms who said their children raved about the magic show! What more could I ask for?!"

~ Cindy Mezzanotte

"Thank you so much for a wonderful performance. You were wonderful!"

~ Bobbie, Ken & Kirsten


Kids heartThe Magic of Nutrition™

children's nutrition education"Thank you for giving me tips on how to take care of my health. Also thank you for showing me some magic tricks. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Please come again!"

~ Angel O.

"Thank you for your performance. It was very cool! I've seen lots of magic tricks but your's were the best I've ever seen! I think your show was a great treat. I hope you come back next year with a few tricks up your sleeve."

~ Eric L.

"Thank you for being the best act I have ever seen! I hope you come back next year."

~ Shynice A.

"I really like how you put enthusiasm in your tricks. You made my day the best day ever. Please come again!"

~ Josh


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