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Nutrition Tips

Eat Breakfast Everyday- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  A car doesn’t start without the right key or gas and your body doesn’t start without the right nutrition.  Healthy choices include 100% whole grain cereal such as oatmeal, 100% fruit juice, fruit, low fat or skim milk, whole wheat toast and eggs.

Increase your serving sizes of Fruits and Vegetables-   Fruits and veggies contain vitamins and minerals especially Vitamin C which helps heal against cuts and bruises, helps prevent against running noses and colds, good for your eyes and good for your heart.  Aim for up for two cups of each a day.

Choose Healthy Beverages-   Choose 100% fruit juice for those vitamin and minerals, water to rehydrate yourself and milk for calcium and protein to make your bones , muscles and teeth strong instead of soda.

Choose Healthy Snacks- Healthy snack choices include cheese and crackers, fruit, cut up veggies, yogurt, nuts and pretzels.

Get Active- The one thing that goes with all this nutrition is fitness.  Get up and get active as often as possible.  Limit your TV and video game planning to only two hours a day.  Walk, bike, jog, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, dancing and baseball are just a few examples of fun activities.

Remember all the Magic in Nutrition:


Download a pdf of these nutrition tips.


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